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Hi! My name is Lizzie Chantree and I am from London, in the United Kingdom.

After school, I went to art and design college and then to The school Of Communication Arts in Islington, London. I come from a family of creative people. It’s wonderful as they understand me when I come up with more crazy ideas for books or products.
For a living, I write books and design new products. All of my books are based around the romantic life of some eccentric entrepreneurs and the unique businesses they run. I also host a networking hour on Twitter each Monday night at 8-9pm (GMT), called #CreativeBizHour for creatives and anyone who enjoys networking and chatting to business owners, writers and artists. So far I have written four books and am currently finishing my 5th. I am launching my 4th book on the 30th Jan 2018, with my publisher, which is very exciting and new to me! I have so many new book ideas that I would love to keep writing at least one release a year, although I write them all by hand though, so it
is a long process.

I wrote my first book when my daughter was unwell. I wanted to stay awake at night to watch her in case she needed me, so I decided to write a book full of the sunshine and laughter, romance and travel, as it was so different from my world at that time. Babe Driven took me a year to write, then I hid it for another five years while my daughter’s health improved.
When it comes to writing and creating, my family and friends are my biggest inspiration. They amaze me every day. I’m also inspired by creativity and kindness in others. I see kindness as a strength, not a weakness. My family has always been my biggest supporter. They know how much my first novel helped me, so they love the fact that I write books. They are behind everything that I do and the first people to read my books are always my mum and my sister.

I find the hardest part about writing a book the middle. I always think I have got so far with a manuscript, then realise I’m only about halfway through! After I wrote my first book, I was sure I wanted to be an author. It felt like such an accomplishment to have a finished story, that all I wanted to do was write another one! Writing down the initial concept is so much fun, then after that, the best bit for me is the last sentence. It’s really exciting to hold a completed manuscript.
In the future I can see myself writing more books. I would love to walk past someone who was sitting and enjoying one of my novels. My plans for the future also include me writing a sequel to my new book Ninja School Mum, which is out in Jan 2018. After that I have a young adult book I would like to finish.
My favourite quote is: “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” –  Maya Angelou.

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I hope you enjoyed the third part of this series. So far we have hosted:

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