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!!! This book review contains spoilers !!!

Story is set around Rachel who recently divorced Tom. She became depressed when her and Tom could not conceive a baby, so she started drinking to get away from this awful reality. But she was not the only one to blame for divorce. Tom was cheating on her and got his lover Anna pregnant with his child.

After the divorce Rachel moved in with her friend, her drinking problem got even worse and to the point where she lost her job because of it and it nearly ended all her relationships with her friends.

When Rachel lost her job she was devastated and on the other hand she felt ashamed since she knew that she hit the rock bottom. She kept lying to her friend and roommate and everyday went on a train, pretending she is on her way to her job. In some way she learned to enjoy all the time she wasted driving around in a train, since this meant she could observe other people.

Every time she got drunk she called her ex husband, she harassed and begged him to come back to her. At one point she even went to their old home, where he now lived with Anna and their daughter, and tried to kidnap their little girl.


Story gets even more complicated when a woman called Megan, who lived near her old home – Tom and Anna’s current home, went missing. On the night she disappeared Rachel was one of the last people to see her alive, but the problem is that Rachel was so drunk she could not remember, at least not from the start. All Rachel knew from that night was that something horrible must have happened to her since she had a wound on her head and arms.

Because of her observing skills and the time she spent on the train she knew that Megan, even though she did not know her in person, had a lover. Knowing this and the fact that she went missing made her feel like she has to tell this to Megan’s partner. She contacted him pretending to know Megan from her previous job and this gave her an opportunity to meet him and tell him about her lover. Rachel knew she was not supposed to but she got closer and closer to Megan’s husband

In time they discovered Megan’s dead body and the autopsy showed that she was pregnant. Her husband was devastated and called Rachel since he felt a great connection with her, thinking she really knew Megan. One thing lead to another and they slept together. Soon after this he found out the truth about Rachel and attacked her. Fearing for her life she finally had time to think about everything that was going on and realised that she saw something that night, the night Megan disappeared. She did her best to bring the memories back and the truth was awful.

On the night Megan went missing and was killed, Rachel was again harassing Tom and his new family. But Tom was right in the middle of something – he was supposed to meet with Megan, with whom he was cheating on his new beautiful wife Anna. Moreover he meet with her to tell her to stop whatever she was trying to do, because he would never go back to her. Since she would not stop crying and he had more important things to do, he hit her on the head with his keys, thinking she was too drunk to remember. He left her bleeding on the flor and picked up Megan to end the affair. But he was too late. Megan told him that she was pregnant and that the baby was probably his, he immediately told her to abort the baby because he did not want another child and more importantly Anna could never find out about this. But Megan would not let it go, she was determined to keep the baby and tell Anna everything. Not knowing what to do, Tom did the worst. He killed her.


Goodreads rating of the book: 3.88/5 šŸŒŸ

My rating of the book: 5/5 šŸŒŸ

My rating of the book cover: 3/5 šŸŒŸ

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