I’m so excited to start writing this blog post!

As a book lover you need to feel certain love towards flowers and candles, because these are the two main things that make our bookstagram photos even prettier, right? 🙂

Today I would like to share my experience with amazing Lindsey who is a creator and owner of Belle & Co. Candles. She was kind and agreed to an interview so we shall call this blog post part one (of three parts).

All her candles are inspired by fictional women, are hand poured and made from soy. She also makes body sprays and perfumes which are also inspired by the women from fiction books. Another thing you should know is that portion of all her profits is donated to women’s education (

If you want to learn more about candle making, how she started her own business and what keeps her going I advise you to read all three blog posts, since there were to many questions and answers to make only one.

At the end of the third blog post I am sure you will be in love with her and her work as much as I am!

I got four of her candles:

  • MOLLY “Promise me you’ll look after yourself.”  Scent: neno gardens, fresh clover, laundry and wedding cake.

  •  MINERVA “You have been warned.”  Scent: oak moss, sandalwood and champagne.

  •  ARYA “Fear cuts deeper than swords.”   Scent: driftwood, sea salt, black amber and frost.

  •  BRIENNE “On all gallows tree, all men are brothers.”  Scent: cedar, tobacco and black pepper.

And now to the part where we all can meet Lindsey a little bit better.

What is the story behind the name Belle & Co.?

“Belle & Co. has two very dear and personal meanings.  First of all, Belle from Beauty and the Beast was the very first strong fictional female that I can recall seriously inspiring and touching me.  Belle didn’t change who she was just because the other villagers laughed and mocked her.  She wouldn’t be fooled by Gaston’s flattery and marry that egotistical buffoon.  When her father was imprisoned, she was brave: she went after him and she sacrificed herself for the one person she loved.  Belle learned to see behind the beast’s terrifying exterior and she drew out his best qualities.  Her intelligence, bravery, sacrifice, independence, and her ability to see the best in people were so inspirational to me and I’ve always tried to emulate those qualities.  She is the original strong fictional female in my world, therefore earning the bulk of the company name.  Then, all of the other amazing, strong fictional women that I’m inspired by and create products for are the “Co.” that finish out the company in which Belle began for me.

The other meaning of Belle & Co. is a little more light-hearted and amusing.  My husband and I are the proud dog parents to a 5 year old, 6 pound 3 oz, black and tan Chihuahua named Belle (honestly, after Belle from Beauty and the Beast).    Belle & Co. also represents that Belle is the true boss in the company (and in our lives overall) and we are simply following in her footsteps as her company ;)”


How did you get the idea for Belle & Co.?

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the irresistible urge to create.  I’ve always created imaginary worlds, stories, drawings, jewelry, music (my greatest childhood birthday was the one in which my parents gifted me my very own karaoke machine complete with two microphones and full recording capacity) and all sorts of art.  Not all of it was a great success (pretty sure those karaoke tapes have all been burned out of fear of blackmail) but it always made me feel alive and purposeful.  With this in mind, I set my sights on the seemingly impossible dream – create for a living.  Do something that I love and be able to do it full time.  That’s where Belle & Co. started to take root in my mind.”

When did you start your own business Belle & Co.?

“Belle & Co. was established in February 2017 after a lot of research and planning.”



Where can you be found for purchases, questions, suggestions, or requests?

Lindsey is on her instagram looking for reps to represent her amazing brand, make sure you follow her instagram here and enter this amazing opportunity! 🍀


Until next time,




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