As soon as I opened this package today I immediately feel in love and knew that I need to make a blog post about it as soon as possible, so here we are.

Tawnya Zebrowski is owner, creator and face behnd soy hand poured Hello You Candle candles.

First of all I need to say that shipping was incredible. I placed my order on 27th of April (and plase keep in mind that I come from Slovenia, so I might as well say the other part of the world) and today this beautiful candle was delivered to me.

Another good thing about Hello You Candle shop is that you can choose your own personal message for the back side of the candle, how cool is that?! I of course went with my blog’s name.

Last but not least, the candle smells amazing. The scent I chose is Cactus + Sea Spray and I absolutely adore it.

Candles are made from 8 oz of Eco-friendly soy wax combined with fragnance oils. Approximate burn time is 40 hours.

The candle that I got is this one.

If you want to check out Hello You Candle you can find their website here. Their cute Instagram is @helloyoucandles as well as other social media accounts they have.

Are you a candle addict too?

Until next time,



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