I really hate writing negative reviews, but this book was not for me and since I got it from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I feel like I need to write it down.



What this book is about (copied from Goodreads):

In the midst of a mysterious environmental crisis, as London is submerged below flood waters, a woman gives birth to her first child, Z. Days later, the family are forced to leave their home in search of safety. As they move from place to place, shelter to shelter, their journey traces both fear and wonder as Z’s small fists grasp at the things he sees, as he grows and stretches, thriving and content against all the odds. This is a story of new motherhood in a terrifying setting: a familiar world made dangerous and unstable, its people forced to become refugees. Startlingly beautiful, Megan Hunter’s The End We Start From is a gripping novel that paints an imagined future as realistic as it is frightening. And yet, though the country is falling apart around them, this family’s world – of new life and new hope – sings with love.

I found it boring, even though something was happening in the book, the author revealed it all slowly, to slow in my opinion. It was hard to keep up with what was actually happening. I also hate the fact that people in this book don’t have names, just letters. Like I said, it was to slow, boring and definitely not for me.

This book has only 160 pages and will be published on May 18th of 2017 by Picador.

Goodreads rating: 3.66/5 🌟

My rating of the book: 1/5 🌟

My rating of the book cover: 5/5 🌟


Get your own copy of The End We Start From here*.


Until next time,



I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way impacted my opinion. The review is my open and honest opinion.

*links marked like this are affiliate links.


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