Book is set in a city called Eden, it is the last city on earth. Everything else is gone. The rest of the world was ruined.

Rowan is the main character in the book and she is the second child. Her family is trying to hide her, because of the strict law in Eden that allows one child per family.


When a second child is born family must report the second one to the government of Eden and they usually either kill the second child or make them slaves.

Every newborn that is a first child gets eye implants, it is in a way like their ID and that is how the government knows if you are allowed to even live in the city.

She has a secret room, she does not have her own things, she wears clothes that belong to her twin brother, so no one could ever find anything belonging to a girl in their home. She is always alone, every day waiting for her brother to come from school, he is the only friend she has.


Her life is boring and one day, out of misery she decides to sneak out and see for herself how the city that she lives in even looks like. When outside she met Lark and they became friends. Lark soon found out about Rowan’s secret but she keeps quiet.

In the mean time her family is trying to get eye implants for Rowan too but that means she would have to move to another family and not see her real family ever again. This is the only way she could ever live a normal life.


But is the price worth it?

I decided to stop writing my review here because I do not want to tell too much. For the first one hundred pages the book is a very chill read, everything is perfect and then it all gets really complicated.

This book was given to me by my boyfriend and I had no idea that Joey Graceffa was a big YouTuber before.


I really enjoyed reading this book and I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that there will be a second book too! The ending is so messed up, it is not fair, for us readers, that a book ends in such a way.

Goodreads rating: 4,17/5🌟

My rating: 5/5🌟

It has 278 pages and was published in October 2016.

You can get your own hardback copy here for only 10,52€ with free worldwide shipping!

Hope you found this review helpful in anyway, have you read this book, what did you think, did you like it?


Until next time,






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