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I got this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.

This book is definitely one of the best mystery, thriller book I have read! I also really enjoyed S. K. Tremayne’s writing style. Setting of the story is described so vividly that it almost felt as I was there.

Book starts as a chilling read and then step by step the suspension and plot twists get real.

Before anything else I would like to tell you who the main characters in the book are, so you will be able to read through my review:

DAVID: handsome and very rich widower

RACHEL: just a normal girl, who fell in love with David and soon after married him

JAMIE: David’s son, who is still a bit confused and sad over losing his mother in an accident almost two years ago

NINA: David’s first wife and Jamie’s mother

Rachel married a widower and soon moved in with his son and his mother. Her husband is always away during the week due to his job, but still ther marriage and relationships seems to be perfect. She is also getting along with her step son very well, sometimes he is acting a bit strange but they are all certain that is because he is still grieving over the sudden loss of his mother two years ago.

Things start to change and get creepy when he starts having nightmares and the nightmares keep coming true. It is like he, in some way, can predict the future.

When all this confusion starts Rachel finally decides to sit down with her husband and demands the truth about the night his first wife died.

From the bottom of her heart she wants to believe her husband, but she can feel that the part of the truth is still missing, so she takes investigation into her own hands. Soon she finds that there are more family secrets than she could ever fear there would be.

Jamie keeps telling her he is seeing his mommy at night and that she comes to visit him every day. In time she discovers that the body of her husband’s first wife was never found, which makes her even more scared and doubtful towards her husband’s story.

One of the last “predictions” her step son had was that she was going to die by Christmas.

I really really enjoyed this suspenseful mystery, I would definitelly recommend you to read this book, especially if you want to know if James prediction about Rachel dying on Christmas came true.

My favourite quote from the book:
 “The doubting of the doubt is the beginning of faith.”

Goodreads rating: 3,71/5 🌟

My rating: 4,5/5 🌟

Get your own hardback copy at Bookdepository for only 11,97€ or paperback copy for 14,84€, don’t forget that Bookdepository ships worldwide and it is for free.

Hope you enjoyed, please let me know if you read this book and what did you think of it!

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