Hello my dear readers, today I have another amazing guest blog post for you. This one is written by Emmy Clarke. I hope you like it!

On the rock, a woman wearing a real horse head stands over the place where the man poured the blood. Her tunic is soaked in blood; her hands run with it. She faces the crowd, but with that massive head, it doesn’t seem like she’s looking at us but at some point in the sky.

Every November, riders attempt to race their vicious water horses to the finish line. This year, Sean Kendrick is the returning champion. This year, Puck Connolly is the first girl to enter. Though at first she never intended to ride in the Scorpio Races, fate has a funny way of changing one’s plans.
I finished reading The Scorpio Races while I was on holiday in Llandudno, Wales, during an incredible thunderstorm. The thunder and lightning only added to what was already a terrifying ride, and if I thought I heard the pounding of hooves outside, or a scream from the sea… well, I ducked under my blankets and prayed!

Maggie Stiefvater knows both how to weave a story and craft characters so real they practically leap off the page and shake your hand. Strong-willed Puck makes me proud to share her nickname, and Sean… well, I liked Sean a lot. Though I don’t often like the way boys are portrayed in YA, Stiefvater manages to make me feel for everyone involved in each story she writes.

The action is fast-paced, but once again the characters step forward to lead the way with the usual Stiefvater flair; attention to detail, emotion, and humour. Stiefvater takes an awesome idea – racing water horses – and turns it into something altogether breathtaking in its depth. It is simple yet complex and I will read it again and again.

The ending was perfect. Part of me ached for something more at the end of The Raven Cycle (a Thing that I believe was intended) but the last page of The Scorpio Races made me think: “Yes, this is how it should be.” Of course the characters and even Thisby itself will live on, as they should. But this chapter of their lives has come to a satisfying, magical close.
{BONUS!: I was lucky enough to get to meet Maggie Stiefvater at Manchester Central Library on August 1st (along with my best friend Aufy, who came all the way down from Scotland for the occasion and later dined with me on large amounts of pasta and Steven Universe). She was very funny, very well-spoken, and later on she drew Corr in my copy of The Scorpio Races and I very nearly did a dance on the spot. She also gave me Brenna Yovanoff’s name on a post-it, and I shall be delving into her work shortly!}

Total stars: 5/5!

Hope you like this kind of blog collaborations, if anyone else in interested in doing a collaboration please feel free to send me a mail (

Wish you all a magnificent ❤

With love, N.

You are a masterpiece 🌼


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