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Last week I shared with you interview I did with Chloe Curtis, author of Aurora trilogy book series. Today I would like to share with you the first part of an interview I did with Olivia Curtis! She made all the illustrations in the Aurora book!

When did you first start drawing?

I actually was more into photography while in high school and it wasn’t until Chloe and I decided to write the books that I realized I could draw and how much I enjoyed it.

Did anyone inspire you to begin drawing?

Growing up my mom was always painting murals in our house and watching her was always so inspiring, but I was never very good with paint so I tried photography and drawing. My dad and Chloe were both very good at drawing too so watching them also inspired me to really give drawing another shot.

How did you two come up with the idea to work together?

I was actually about to graduate high school and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go to college right away so one day I went to my sister and I said ”lets write a book!” She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to but then she came around to the idea and we got to work. We felt it was a great way to bring light to some major issues in today’s society like feminism, the environment, and family dynamics.

Where did you get ideas for the drawings that we can see in Aurora?

I would read the chapter over and pick out an object that really stuck out to me then I would go over it with Chloe and see if she had any ideas. Then I would look up real photos that were similar to the object I wanted to draw and draw my own version of it to fit the style of Aurora and the book better.

Did Chloe have any special demands or requests for any of the pictures?

She would sometimes have an idea of what she wanted it to look like or which object she wanted the drawing to be but for the most part she gave me free range to do what I was inspired to draw.

Did you put any extra time and energy into the illustrations for this particular book because it was your sister’s work or would you do the same for any other writer?

There was more of a feeling of ”this is our book” and I want to put my best work into it, but I would do that no matter who it was for. Even if it was just for myself I would put my whole heart into it.

How long did it take you to draw one picture?

It really depended on the drawing some would take me an hour others would take me up to 3 weeks. I had to be in the right state of inspiration to draw them or they wouldn’t come out quite as I wanted them to.

Which drawing from the book is your favourite?

For me it’s a tie between chapter 18, the fish, and chapter 19, the contact lens. Both of these took me a few days to complete due to the amount of detail but they were definitely worth it in the end.

How long did it take you to finish all the drawings?

It took me about a year to finish them all because I was still in high school and I had to balance homework and drawing and there were often times when I would get behind and have to get three drawings done in a day.

What was the hardest part?

The hardest part was really trying to be finished with them on time. There would be times when I wasn’t feeling inspired to draw and I just couldn’t do it so I would have to wait until that spark came back and I didn’t want to take forever to get them finished so I would try and stay at Chloe’s pace but sometimes I would feel inspired and she wouldn’t and vice versa.

Have you worked with any other writers too?

I have not. This was the first time I even really realized that I could draw so this was a brand new experience to both Chloe and I.

Did you ever attend any art classes or are you self-taught?

I did take some art classes in high school but I was more into the photography classes so I really put all my creativity into that. My real skills were developed on my own.

What does your workspace looks like?

It is honestly wherever I am at them moment. It could be in my bed, on the floor, the kitchen table, the couch pretty much anyplace where I can sit with my drawing pad and have music playing.

Are you working on any other projects right now?

We are currently working on book two, Amber, and that is really the focus of my drawing talents right now.

If someone wanted you to illustrate something for their book where can they contact you?

I would be most likely to respond initially on social media like our Instagram if they were to direct message me that would be a great place to start.

Wish you all a magnificent Thursday ❤

With love, N.

You are a masterpiece 🌼



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