Hello my dear frends, I hope you had a wonderful week! 😊

Let’s continue with our spiritual journey, in case you missed my first post on this meditation cards and how they work you can check itΒ here, you will find there even some “fun facts” on meditation.

Cards we have worked with so far:

“In all things be a master of what you do and what you say and think. Be free.”


“Buddha says: This life is not true life. You are being lived, you are not really living. You are being lived by unconscious forces. Unless you become conscious, unless you take possession o your own life, unless you become independent of your instincts, you will not be a master. And with-out being a master there is no bliss, no benediction; life remains a hell.”

You should reread this card as many times as possible during this week.

Wish you all a magnificent SundayΒ πŸ€

With love, N.

You are a masterpiece🌼


I would like you to know that this post is not sponsored in anyway. I got permission from OSHO International to post photos of their cards. This content is NOT my own work,Β it fully belongs to Osho International.

OSHO is a registered trademark of Osho International Foundation


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