I got this book few years ago from my friend as a Christmas gift. It took me few years to pick it up. As soon as I started reading it I knew why.

Story is based around Colin, who is a child prodigy. In his whole life, he never had luck with dating, especially girls called Katherine. He has been heartbroken and dumped by 19 girls named Katherine. He and his best friend Hassan decide to go on a road trip which changed their lifes and Colins outlook on love.

Through the whole book Colin was working on mathematical equation which supposedly could tell you how long will you stay in a relationship with someone.

This book really disappointed me, there is too much of Mathematics equations, Colin is way to depressed and always feeling sorry for himself. Although I have to admit, this book also made me laugh a few times and it is really easy to read. I would recommend it to teenagers in Middle school. I am 21 years old and I found it too childish.
My rating:

  • STORY: 🌟1/5
  • COVER: 🌟3/5

I hope you found this book review useful.

Wish you all a magnificent Thursday 🍀

With love, N.

You are a masterpiece 🌼


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