Hello! 😊

Lately I have been feeling very down. I feel like everything is falling apart. It looks like I’m currently in a very complicated relationship with Universe 😁

At first I was not sure if I really wanted to write about this, because this blog is supposed to be a “happy life” blog, but I want to be honest with all of you who take time to read it. Besides I think that no matter how perfect your life is and no matter how hard you try to stay positive, shitty days sometimes still come around.

Of course I would rather lay in bed, eat lots of chocolate and feel sorry for myself, I did this before when I felt like I feel now (like πŸ’©) and it got me to even darker place. Because I know it is not healthy to feel the way I feel now I decided to do something about it. Hopefully it will do me good and hopefully it will help you too 😊

Few years ago I bought myself a notebook. Whenever I read something good either a quote I found somewhere online or a good book I copied it into my notebook. Today I have, after a long long time, picked it up again and started reading all positive quotes. Because I instantly felt better and because I want to devote more time to my blog I have decided to post here one positive quote from my notebook everyday. That is how we can all be happy together πŸ’–

Here is the first one:

“Open your heart to the beauty in life and life will reflect the beauty in your heart.”


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